Still Image Project

We will be spending the entire week working on the Still Image project.  The project must be completed and uploaded to your Google Drive folder by Friday, S2eptember 21st.  In addition, you must upload your video to You Tube and post on your blog by this Friday as well.  This will count as your Multimedia post for the week.


Audio Production


Next week we will be moving towards the audio portion of the class. There will be two lectures, with a demonstration on the use of the audio recorder. You will be quizzed on the lectures.


Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment

1) Download & copy the “In-Class Assignment for Photoshop” folder to your external drive.

(The photos are available in the Google Drive).

2) Open the photos in Adobe Photoshop.

3) Adjust the pictures using the techniques you have learned in class

   (composition, exposure, color correction, etc.).*

4) Add text with a stroke, drop shadow and transparency (if necessary).

   to at least two of the photos.

5) Select two of the photos you took in class and adjust them as well

    (Time permitting).

6) Upload your finished photos to your Google Drive in a folder named “Photoshop.”

7) This assignment must be completed and uploaded by the end of class

   in order to receive full credit.

* You can make additional adjustments to the photos, but finish the required adjustments first for time purposes.

23 Things You’ll Never Hear a Pro Photographer Say

Photo Image

Here’s a list of 23 things you’ll (probably) never hear coming out of a professional photographer’s mouth.

#1: I love it when clients re-edit my images and then share them on Facebook.

#2: No, no…by all means…you go ahead and pose yourself.

#3: Come on, weather… I need a bright sunny day and NO shade!

#4: I’m sorry you don’t like your new hair cut in these pictures; that’s totally my fault.

#5: Okay, clothing suggestions: you wear stripes; you wear polka dots; you wear a “Hello Kitty” shirt and you wear a suit.

#6: I wish I could edit this wedding forever.

#7: Are you nuts? Of course I can make a homemade meal for dinner, help with homework, give baths AND edit this mountain of images tonight. All before 8pm.

#8: I keep my prices as low as possible because I enjoy working really hard for less than minimum wage.

#9: I know it’s the middle of the reception and I’ve been working hard for 7 hours, but I really, really don’t want a cold margarita.

#10: Hey, you’re a photographer, too, huh? Well, I was photographing MY client here, but go ahead and take the spot and we’ll go somewhere else.

#11: “Mommy loves it when you get all needy and clingy when she’s on a deadline.”

#12: I am happy to change your album layout as many times as you’d like.

#13: No, please. I don’t want any new equipment.

#14: Make sure to bring your baby in hungry and without a nap.

#15: I didn’t really learn anything, but dammit, I am so happy I spent $1,000 on this workshop anyway.

#16: I’m really thinking that a 30×40 canvas might be too big for you to enjoy.

#17: Are you kidding? I don’t need money…the EXPOSURE I’ll get from this is enough.

#18: Hey, thanks everybody in this Facebook Photography Group for your unsolicited opinions. Keep ‘em coming!

#19: This here is a USB drive and you will pass it down from generation to generation.

#20: It’s no big deal that you were an hour late. I was actually thankful for an hour to play Candy Crush on my phone.

#21: OH! You stole my picture and posted it, pretending like it’s yours. That’s so FUN!

#22: Thank God there’s a DJ at this wedding acting like my second shooter.

#23: OMG! You are SO right. It IS just “pushing a button.”

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