Out In The Field Taking Photos

Everyone is a Photographer

Please find below the PowerPoint presentation from today:

Shot Composition

For our next class:

  1. Brief quiz
  2. Bring your still camera
  3. Bring your external drive

You will go out “in the field” and take still photos around campus, based on the shot selection list I will provide to you.  This should take no more than one hour.

You will then come back to the classroom and upload these photos to your class blog, along with a description of each shot (CU, ECU, MS, etc.).

Title your post “Shot Composition In-Class Assignment.”

You only need one post for all of the photos.

This post is in addition to your normal weekly posts.

If time does not permit to upload the photos during regular class hours, they must be posted no later than the end of the day.

Shot Composition & Standard Shots

It was a sincere pleasure meeting all of you last week, and I hope you all are looking forward to the class.

As a one-time reminder, both of your weekly blog posts are always due no later than Friday night at midnight.  Hopefully, you will not wait until the last minute.  If you are unclear as to what your blog posts should contain, please read the requirements at:


In addition, please complete your “About Me” and “25 Things” pages by Tuesday (August 30th.).  This will count as an in-class assignment.  Your photo must be included in order to receive full credit.

For our next class, I will lecture on Shot Composition & Standard Shots.

Finally, I would recommend that you subscribe to this website via email and text messages, as well as checking it at least once every day.

How to Write an About Page

Camera Model Name     Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Shooting Date/Time     14/08/2004 3:45:20 PM Shooting Mode     Manual Tv( Shutter Speed )     1/200 Av( Aperture Value )     8.0 Metering Mode     Center-weighted averaging ISO Speed     100 Lens     85.0mm Focal Length     85.0mm Image Size     3072x2048 Image Quality     RAW Flash     Off White Balance     Cloudy Parameters     Contrast          Normal     Sharpness         Normal     Color saturation  Normal     Color tone        Normal Color Space     Adobe RGB File Size     6061KB Drive Mode     Single-frame shooting Owner's Name     Leah-Anne Thompson Camera Body No.     0530102810

1. It’s really not about you.

Huh? Yeah. It’s about your readers.

While you are wonderful (truth) the bottom line is, a visitor wants to know what you have to offer them. Therefore, the very first part of your About page should answer this question: What problem does my blog solve for my readers, or what will someone gain from reading it?

Do you offer advice? Entertainment? Hope? Tips? Make it clear why they should come back. And make it clear really quickly. Like within the first couple of sentences.

2. Make it sticky

Once you’ve stated why they should read, next show them what to read. Use the second part of your About page to provide plenty of opportunity for a visitor to dive in and experience your blog.

As bloggers, we should never miss an opportunity to link to other posts/pages on our blogs (this is called “internal linking”). Your About page is one time to link internally. Choose some of your best or most popular posts, incorporate them smoothly into the conversational tone of your About page and link!

If someone lands on your About page, they usually do so because they want to know more. Don’t just say, “Hi, here’s my life’s story. The end.” Instead, give them many opportunities to explore further.

3. Tell them about yourself

Ideally you’ll weave your personality throughout your About page. The key here is to share the part of your story that’s relevant to your readers and relevant to the topic of your blog.

The facts about where you went to college, what your favorite food is or where you grew up can provide a nice glimpse into your personal life, but put these at the end of your About page, stated briefly and succinctly.

Of course, these types of facts should most definitely be stated more prominently if they are directly related to the topic of your blog, or if they are of unusual interest, like, “I grew up on an island in the South Pacific, raised solely by birds.” Now that would be interesting.

Getting Started With WordPress

As promised, please find below some helpful tutorials for organizing your WordPress site:

WordPress Tutorials

Learn WordPress

WordPress Manuel

How to Upload a Word Document

As a reminder, you need to email me your WordPress website address before our next meeting.  This will count as an in-class assignment grade.  In addition, please make sure you bring your external drive for next class.  We will format the drives in a group setting.