Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment

1) Download & copy the files provided here to your external drive.

2) Un-zip and open the photos in Adobe Photoshop.

3) Adjust the pictures using the techniques you have learned in class

   (composition, exposure, color correction, etc.).

4) Add text with a transparency (if necessary), drop shadow and stroke to at least TWO of the photos.

5) Select two of the photos you took in class and adjust them as well.

6) Upload your finished photos to your blog in one post titled:

   ”Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment.”

   Write a brief description as to what you did to enhance each photo.

   Explain what you thought needed correction in the first place,

   and why it looks better now.

7) This assignment must be completed and posted to your blog no later 

    than Sunday, September 11th in order to receive full credit.


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