Feature Report Presentation & Written Proposal


You and your partner will make a presentation to the class Wednesday, October 24th.  You will “pitch” a minimum of two ideas for your feature report.  Once approved, you will upload a written proposal to your Google Drive folder.  You can follow the guidelines for the written proposal when making your presentation.


Your proposal will include, but is not limited to:

  • Rationale for your story.
  • Your choice of talent.
  • Potential selection of people to interview.
  • Potential location(s) where you will shoot your story.

YOUR PROPOSAL MUST BE UPLOADED AS A WORD DOCUMENT OR PDF to your Google Drive folder no later than Friday, and should be no less than one page. This and your presentation will count as two separate in-class assignments.

Below is a sample written proposal, which you can use as a guideline:

Sample Feature Report Proposal


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